Monday, May 24, 2010

Color Kits

I hate finding little bits of crayons in the bottom of my purse so I made this first little color kit as I've been wanting something to keep in my purse that would keep together the kids crayons. I figured it would be cool to add a little space for a small notepad or book and so I left a little spot for a small moleskin or other cute pad.  Anyway it folds up nicely and protects my stuff from the kiddos coloring items and protects the crayons from my purse.

On a completely different note, our house has been on the market for 110 days and I am now hoping since we waited this long we will be around for the cherries and peaches.  My spinach is growing quite nicely and I hung out some lavender to dry earlier today.  Maybe to make some little sachets:)

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