Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I have conquered butter!

I have been wanting to try to make butter and haven't had the time till today.  Today is cinco de mayo but I had butter on my mind and nothing was going to change that.  I had some cream in the fridge that was going to go to waste if it wasn't used up soon.  I poured it into a mason jar capped it and let it sit all day.  In the evening I grabbed it off the counter and went to watch some tv.  I gently shook it while I watched, I wanted to relax not concentrate too much.  The cream sloshed back and forth for the first half of the show I wondered if I was doing it right.  It got nice and thick and started to coat the inside of the jar.  I wondered if it was ready but instead I kept shaking and suddenly I heard a thud.  Well just like that it separated into butter and buttermilk.  I shook a little more and then headed to the kitchen opened the jar and inside was my butter!  I strained out the buttermilk with cheesecloth and then rinsed the butter with water.  Kneaded it a little and got nice and buttery then put it into a little butter tub.  I of course toasted some bread and shared some with everyone.  It was so easy I will probably never buy butter again.  I like that I can salt it, or add any flavors I like and know I made it!

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