Friday, May 7, 2010

Whooo Are You.

Sewing is by far an essential skill to any homesteader and I think if you can't sew at least a little you are really lacking a wonderful skill.  I enjoy sewing as it gives me a creative outlet but also serves in very practical ways.  I like to challenge myself and my next big challenge is definitely a summer dress for Ais.  The only trick to sewing for me is getting it done with the kids doing something else as the machine is just way too exciting and they hang there little heads over my machine, and chatter, and constantly want to touch. Since I have no desire to explain how my kids finger is now stuck in my sewing machine to the doctor. I try to plan out my sewing time.
Anyway, I have been wanting to get some sewing done and didn't have time to take on the dress but I wanted an owl to add to my decor.  So I drew out a little pattern and sewed him up.  I think he came out looking pretty cute.  I let Ash take care of him but he has been warned not to go "all Boy" on him as he is delicate.  he has been watching over the fish.

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