Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cherry Trees... learning the hard way.

I have been absolutely enthralled with progress of the cherry tree.  Watching it bloom and shed flowers and then little cherries appearing has been exciting. So.. today when I went out and saw my little cherry babies on the ground I was a little freaked out.  I pulled out my iphone and began the search for what was wrong with my beautiful tree. I discovered I have borers which basically suck and are hard to get rid off.  This does explain why the peach tree in the front yard was having a hard time when we moved in and why my cherry tree looked a little sad near the end of spring last year.  Anyway I rushed to the store and got some spray and put Alf to work right away.  We cut off the dead looking parts of the tree and sprayed it down.  We also sprayed the little peach tree out front which has some peaches coming out so hopefully we can keep them both alive.  We still will get a good batch of cherries this year ( or someone will) just not enough to feed the entire block:)

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