Thursday, April 29, 2010

In Memory of what would have been

Well, I have been wanting to post about the exciting things that have been going on outside our window. Some morning doves had been hanging around and I couldn't figure out why until I looked a little closer and there was a mommy bird in her nest waiting. Ever since the discovery we have been keeping the blinds closed to give some privacy and only peeked here and there. I have to say morning doves can be a bit annoying in the morning but I was excited about getting to see some little babies out our window.
Well today was the windiest day ever and I watched as the couple tried to last but after about an hour of the wind blowing I noticed the mommy was gone and then I spotted the couple near the nest but not on it. Like the were discussing what they should do. I went out to check and see if I could block the nest some how from the wind but when I looked into the tree. The nest had fallen and I couldn't see if there were eggs as the nest fell over the wall. Anyway they hung around for awhile into the night but by the morning they had gone. I was so sad as they were a little bit of excitement in my day and yet my piece of nature was taken out by nature.

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