Thursday, April 22, 2010

Haircuts, Crackers, Salsa, and Pizza and it's Earth Day

Today Alf finally got to be home, He brought his mom over and I finally gave them both much needed haircuts. I have been wanting to copy some great salsa we got at the store. I will post the recipe if my hubby gives me the thumbs up on the copy. I then made another batch of crackers and some amazing homemade pizza. Then I headed to the couch for my vampire show cause I am totally into that right now.
Alf asked me what I did to celebrate earth day today and I have to say I have celebrated better today over every year of my life. I bought a new mint plant for the garden, made everything from scratch, composted, recycled and filled up the trash can after about a week which is pretty good for a family of four. I will also count enjoying the rain because the rain means I don't have to water for a couple days which is also loving the earth a little more:) Mostly for me it was exciting to look back and see how many steps we have taken to be a little bit lighter on our planet and community.

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